Heart to Hands Tree
Heart to Hands Tree
Heart to Hands Tree
Heart to Hands Tree

There is a time and a place for everything, and now is the time to work together to strengthen our communities and highlight the good works of one another. It’s important for each of us to know that what we say, and do, really does make a difference.

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Heart To Hands Poster Project

Every time you perform a heartfelt action for yourself or others, you place a heart on the tree. When the tree is full, you plant the tree, and a garden of wildflowers come up to show the beauty you continue to bring into the world. Not only do you have a loving reminder of the heartfelt actions you bring into this world, but the planted flowers also continue to feed into the health of the planet and its creatures that depend on it.
Enjoy working with your family, group, or even on your own to practice heartfelt empowering actions.
Each Poster Set Supports Special Olympic Programs

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Heart to Hands Tree

Love grows everyday through our Heart-Full actions!

Personal Workbook

Created from the thoughtful and loving input of our youth, this journal provides a gateway to empower yourself, others and the overall community with simple daily exercises with a place to record your thoughts, actions and feelings.
The journal is optimal for personal, group or classroom settings. It provides easy tools to stay engaged at all levels of social emotional intelligence development.
Build a healthy daily habit of positive outlooks for yourself and others.
Learn more how this can be a group or classroom project to engage and empower one another.
Currently the release of the book is now July.
Each Journal Sold Supports Underserved Classrooms

Heart to Hands Tree

Love deepens with daily practice and awareness!

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Heart to Hands Tree

Heart to Hands Tree

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